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Hmmmm… how to start this thing? Nothing more exciting… or terrifying… than a blank canvas.
Well, I can tell you my reasons for doing a blog. It’s not that I feel like I have anything more important to say than anyone else. Nor (nor? can I use that word? Is it still a word?)  that I actually like to write. Ugh. I would rather pull my teeth out. There are plenty of painters and teachers that have made it over that mystical ridge from aspiring to being. They can tell you what to do and why to do it. But, what I haven’t found are a lot of  people who are on the journey up the ridge. Maybe we can share the climb? Together maybe we can figure out what works and why. Critiques, techniques, equipment and inspirations… that is the experience I want to share. Maybe there is a place for that here in the internet tubes.

So, if you don’t mind my grammatically challenged babbling, maybe you can check in once and a while and see what the latest thing that I have stumbled upon.

Until then I need to get out and paint. See you out there on the great plains!

So this is the first post where I want to list, and write, and bitch, and moan about all the stuff that an aspiring landscape painter can get to make painting and life easier in general. Some items I will post with explanations and links to it from here, others will just be in list form and when I get time to elaborate I will.


Right now now I am using Gamblin and Williamsburg for my oil colors.

Gamblin seems to have great quality and a nice selection of colors. They also have a rockin’ website with huge amounts of info. The only weird thing I have found with them is what they call Cadmium Green is what most companies call Cadmium Green Light. I should ask them about that. Their Gamsol mineral spirits (sounds really new agey doesn’t it?) that I use, instead of stinky turpentine, is the best!

Williamsburg Oil (which was recently purchased by Golden) seems to be just jam packed with pigment. I love it. Sometimes, especially when it cold, it gets a little difficult to get it out of the tube but, it is worth the effort. Really love their Naples Yellow.

The hardest part is self-promotion. But you have to put yourself out there but when you do… things start to happen. Here is a little promotional video that I put together. As a result of this video, I am going to be hanging my first one person show on Tuesday. It just goes to show that you never know!