J David Deal | Equipment List
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Equipment List

Equipment List

So this is the first post where I want to list, and write, and bitch, and moan about all the stuff that an aspiring landscape painter can get to make painting and life easier in general. Some items I will post with explanations and links to it from here, others will just be in list form and when I get time to elaborate I will.


Right now now I am using Gamblin and Williamsburg for my oil colors.

Gamblin seems to have great quality and a nice selection of colors. They also have a rockin’ website with huge amounts of info. The only weird thing I have found with them is what they call Cadmium Green is what most companies call Cadmium Green Light. I should ask them about that. Their Gamsol mineral spirits (sounds really new agey doesn’t it?) that I use, instead of stinky turpentine, is the best!

Williamsburg Oil (which was recently purchased by Golden) seems to be just jam packed with pigment. I love it. Sometimes, especially when it cold, it gets a little difficult to get it out of the tube but, it is worth the effort. Really love their Naples Yellow.