J David Deal | Can We Stop The Car?
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Can We Stop The Car?

Can We Stop The Car?

Road Warriors Photography Exhibition

by Amy Waltner

Road Warriors photography exhibition had its reception Sept. 30 in the Runnels Gallery in Golden Library’s temporary home in Bernalillo Hall.

It highlighted the travel photography of ENMU’s David Deal and Shelly Short.

Road Warriors ran from Aug. 1 through Sept. 30.

Deal and Short both began their delve into photography when they were 16.

“It’s funny when I started I had the viewfinder camera. I’d get a roll of film; I’d get a roll of 12 ‘cause I couldn’t afford a roll of 36 and each frame was so precious. The one thing I miss about that is you shot this roll of film then you sent it off to be developed and you can’t wait to see the results. To see the tragic disappointment or the wows that happened when you saw what you created,” explained Deal.

Although neither of them have a preference on what time of day or subject matter they shoot, they love clouds.

“If the sky is empty blue, I start looking for clouds,” explained Deal.

“Unless there’s something like a mountain that can complement it,” commented Short.

They began this exhibition in fall of 2013; during the week they’d teach then on the weekends they’d drive around.

“On my website I have this thing about this exhibition and I said it started with the question, ‘Can we stop the car?’ I was always like, ‘Oh, wow that’s so cool’ as we drove past things,” explained Short.

“When we first started doing it we had to say if you see something and you want to shoot it just say ‘Stop the car right now; I want to shoot this.’ For a while it was ‘Wow that looks really great’ without either of us saying to stop the car,” said Deal.

They both find it fascinating that they can go to the same place and have different perspectives that create separate stories.

“I love how we can go to the same place over and over and still find new things to shoot,” explained Short.

They both love road shots.

“In New Mexico you can stand out in the middle of the road and see for 20 miles either way. You can just stand there to get a shot and it’s wonderful,” said Deal.

 Thanks to Amy Waltner for the article and the great pics that went with it.