J David Deal | About
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I have over forty years of graphic design experience offering print and interactive design and production, identity design, book and publication design and freelance design services.


Now, in the second phase of my career, I have brought my experiences into the college classroom. For the past seven years, I have critiqued, cajoled, encouraged, prepared and guided students through their college career and pointed them in the direction of their goal of becoming a working graphic designer.


I was honored when a colleague said “You have the experiences of a veteran and the enthusiasm of a rookie.” Yeah… I will accept that as a compliment!

I can see myself in four years, with my Marywood MFA in my back pocket, at one of our local universities, teaching, inspiring, pushing design students to do better, to work harder, to see more, to realize that college is just the beginning.


Excerpt from my Marywood University MFA Statement of Purpose