J David Deal | Artist & Designer Statement
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Artist & Designer Statement

I am a graphic designer, educator, visual artist and photographer. Each of these are inseparable from the other. Each informs my aesthetic, and each is vital in my daily artistic practice.

As a graphic designer my role is to visually communicate my client’s message in a way that is both easily interpretable and recognizable to their intended audience. This form is usually typographically centered, thematically flexible and depends on the client and the needs of the message.

My graphic design work is concept driven; every element has a purpose and a reason, designed to be current but not trendy. I use this aesthetic across all design media, print to interactive.

As a visual artist, working in the medium of oil paint on canvas, I have no need to constrain my work to meet anyone’s expectations besides my own.

The theme I’m most drawn to is landscape. Having lived in a variety of locations, I believe the deep forests and bayous of Louisiana, the crisp winter air of New England and the expansive skies of the High Plains have shaped my aesthetic sensibilities. Those sensibilities also lean to the abstract and are open to abstract influences.

In allowing the abstract expressionist work of John Walker, Richard Diebenkorn and Joan Mitchell to influence my paintings, I move towards work that is nonrepresentational in nature while still being landscape in subject matter. Within those landscapes I look for the basic shapes, linear divisions and design motifs to exploit with color and brush.

Pixels and paint: two aspects of my artistic life diametrically opposed yet creatively linked.