J David Deal | Forest Trees of Maine
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Forest Trees of Maine

Book Design Project

Forest Trees of Maine Centennial Edition

Graphic Design
About This Project

“The Maine Forest Service worked with David Deal when he was with Glen Group to do design and layout of the centennial edition of our flagship publication Forest Trees of Maine. This was a complicated year long project that started with an old, rather outdated, black and white publication and turned it into a full color 176 page tree identification guide book. David was involved in the project from initial brainstorming sessions about what we wanted the book to look like all the way through working with the state contracted printer to ensure the final product came out as intended.


David was very enjoyable to work with. Throughout the project he was extremely professional, flexible and above all patient with our book development committee, none of whom knew anything about book design going into the project. David’s work showed creativity and attention to detail. We provided him with over 250 photographs, 70 maps and text written by several different people which he combined into useful, coherent and visually appealing page layouts. In short, we are extremely pleased with the final product and more importantly we have received hundreds of positive comments from people who use the book.”


Keith Kanoti,

Water Resources Forester,

Maine Forest Service